Regions of the United States

The United States are divided into five regions: the northeast, the southeast, the midwest, the southwest, and the west. Through your research you will learn about each region's climate, biomes, and the extreme weather conditions common to those regions.

Let's start with the regions the United States are commonly divided into. There are 9 states in the western region, 12 in the midwestern region, 4 in the southwestern region, 12 in the southeastern region, and 11 in the northeastern region. Alaska and Hawaii are commonly included in the western region, although their climates and biomes are very different from that region.

Regions Map


activity.jpgUse the map above and the map located at WorldAtlas.Com to identify the states that are located in each region. Create a Regions of the United States Map on Google Draw. (It is located on your Google Drive. Go to my photo bucket, click on it, then right click and save the map onto your desktop, then drag it onto Google Draw.) Record each state's two-letter code according to the color-code for the region they are located in on your Regions of the United States Map. Then go to Regions Quiz 1--The States to take a 10-point quiz using your glog. You are only allowed three attempts so don't submit your answers until after you've double-checked your answers.

Why do you think the regions were separated this way? Were they separated for political reasons? Geological (landforms/biomes)? Climatological (weather-related)?